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        Jiangyin Zaiyu Metal Materials Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the production and operation of various steels. Now it has integrated steel processing, trade, distribution, warehousing and logistics services. Its main products are tinned steel strip (tinplate), cold rolled steel strip, electro galvanized steel strip (fingerprint resistant), chrome plated steel strip, A comprehensive enterprise that implements cutting processing (flattening, slitting by longitudinal cutting, wave cutting, bending, printing, laminating, yellowing, whitening, baking, color printing) and distribution. It is especially good at precision slitting of tinplate, from the narrowest 6mm to any width specified by customers. The company's products are widely used in stationery, electronic products, auto parts and other industries. The products have passed SGS testing and are qualified to enter the European and American markets. The company was founded in 2007. With good reputation, customer trust and support, it has made continuous development. After years of efforts, we can now repay customers with high-quality quality, low price, considerate service and fast order cycle. We have truly achieved a win-win situation with customers and won unanimous praise from customers. In the process of cooperation, we can always deal with problems such as substandard quality and untimely delivery at the first time to satisfy customers. Therefore, cooperation with our company is a wise choice for you. We sincerely look forward to cooperating with you.

      The company is located in the beautiful Huashi Town, with convenient water and land transportation. Customers are welcome to call us for consultation or field visits to create a better future.


Solemn commitment
1、 The new customers can prepay 20% of the deposit for the first cooperation, and the balance can be paid locally. The old customers who have cooperated for more than one year have good reputation, and the payment time can be appropriately extended;
2、 Return and replacement policy: If the genuine products have quality problems after ordering, the unused materials can be returned and replaced after verification, and the return freight shall be borne by the supplier;
3、 The loss caused by quality problems of authentic materials shall be borne by the supplier;
4、 If the delivery date is delayed, which causes the customer to fail to deliver goods in time or stop production, both parties shall negotiate to deal with it until the customer is satisfied;

5、 The pictures on the company's website are taken on the spot by the company's production workshop. Other companies are not allowed to steal them. Once verified, they will be investigated for legal responsibility.





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