1) Tinplate is a kind of iron. If it is exposed to the air wantonly, it will rust.

2) The separated sheets shall be wrapped with film first, and the hand and sweat shall not directly contact the surface and edge of the sheets.

3) All sheets cannot be directly put in the air, and must be separated from the air with wooden frames.

4) If it is the sheet that needs to be kept for a long time, it needs to add several layers of winding film around the packaged sheet. To avoid water vapor, frost, fog, etc.

5) Be careful not to open the window when the tide returns to avoid rain intrusion and wetting. If possible, small lime bags can be placed in each roll of waste to absorb moisture.

6) The tinplate shall not be stored in the warehouse with wet and dark environment. Pay attention to the control of temperature and humidity and insist on dry and ventilated.