1、 The request of tinplate box for text design:

1. In the design of packaging iron boxes, sometimes in order to achieve the publicity effect, some advertising words will be added. Most of them are simple and vivid.

2. For iron box packaging with special use, it is required to print words on the surface, such as medicine iron boxes, cosmetics iron boxes, etc.

3. Looking at the packaging iron boxes on the market, the typical brand iron box packaging can achieve the decoration effect of the iron box appearance through words.

2、 Self care skills of tinplate box

1. First, sprinkle the detergent or decontamination powder on the soft cloth, touch it with a little water, then wipe it, and then clean it with clean water.

2. After cleaning, put it outdoors and dry it naturally. The iron box cannot be placed in the wet center. If it cannot contact the air, the iron box will be corroded due to moisture.

3、 How to clear the labels on tinplate boxes

1. Wipe with special detergent or sports shoes decontamination cream.

2. Wipe with an eraser and alcohol along the edge a little bit to remove marks easily. The effect is good.

3. Use a piece of dry cloth covered with vinegar to cover the center of the glue. After the glue is completely wet, remove it with a ruler.

4、 Main purpose of tinplate box

1. Spray cans or other miscellaneous cans: tin cans resistant to high temperature and pressure, tea tin can manufacturers, especially suitable for high-pressure spray cans.

2. Liquid can: Due to the high processing performance of tin cans, their can shapes are diversified, which can meet the needs of diversified beverage packaging and consumers' preferences.

3. Food tin can: tinplate can ensure food hygiene, reduce the possibility of food metamorphosis to a very low level, and meet the convenience and rapid needs of modern people in diet.