Compared with plastic packaging and paper packaging, iron box packaging may have more obvious environmental protection performance. Moreover, nowadays, many foods are packed in iron boxes, usually tin boxes.

1: Good sealing performance. Many foods have many requests for packaging after consumption, especially for the sealing of packaging. The iron box packaging has a good sealing property, and has a good storage effect on food when packaging.

2: Promote product sales. In fact, the application of product packaging is often to maintain the product, and also has the significance of promoting product sales. After all, consumers first pay attention to product packaging when purchasing products. The application of tinplate box packaging can not only improve the products, but also improve the market sales of products at a certain level. Therefore, when choosing food packaging, iron box packaging is worth choosing.

3: High hardness. Many products are often damaged due to improper packaging during transportation, which will greatly affect the sales of products. However, it is different if it is packed in tin boxes. This kind of package has high hardness and can maintain the product during transportation.