1. The sheet must be protected from moisture and collision during transportation.

2. When storing sheets, it is prohibited to place liquid items (such as drinks, boiled water, etc.) on sheets.

3. During operation, it is necessary to prevent hands from directly contacting the sheet, so gloves must be worn.

4. If it is not used up, the remaining parts must be wrapped with a winding film and placed in the dry center. If possible, they can be kept in a warehouse with a constant temperature and a relative humidity below 50%.

5. Rolling is strictly prohibited during sheet handling.

6. If the air compressor is used for feeding, the air must be dry.

7. The arm of the feeder must adhere to the average tension.

8. If the stamped waste cannot be shipped in a short period of time, it should be kept in an airtight manner and a desiccant should be put.