1. Maintain the food and extend the storage period of the food. The food itself has certain nutrients and moisture, which is the basic condition for the consumption and reproduction of bacteria, mold, yeast, etc. When the storage temperature of the food is suitable for their reproduction, it will lead to food erosion and decay. If the food is packaged aseptically or after being packaged, it will stop high-temperature sterilization, refrigeration and other disposal, which will avoid the outbreak of food erosion and prolong the storage period of the food.

2. Food tin packaging is convenient for logistics transportation. During the transportation process, it may be affected by various external factors, causing food pollution, damage, or transformation, and reducing the original production and quality of food.

3. Increase the variety of food, so that consumers can taste snacks from all over the world when they buy food. It will stop circulating after being packaged, so that the food from all over the world will stop communicating, and the variety of people's daily food will be increased.

4. To avoid food pollution, special packaging technology shall be adopted. Food shall be in contact with containers and hands during circulation, which is easy to pollute food. Food packaged in iron cans can prevent this phenomenon, which is conducive to the health of consumers.